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My fascination with the intricacies of biology brings a bright perspective to life below the Salish Sea. My passion for exploring the depths of the Queen Charlottes to the southern waters of Hood Canal have earned several awards, most recently, Grand Prize in the Salish Sea in Focus photography contest by the Sea Doc Society, Best Underwater Photograph and Best of Show in the Gallery North photo contest of Northwest Water Views, and featured photographer in the Pacific Northwest Dive Magazine twice.

Artist’s Statement:

The two-dimensional medium is only reminiscent of the visceral experience. My mind holds a multi-dimensional image overlaid with sound, the pull of the current, the depth of the water, the darkness, the light, and the cold creeping into my core. I want to pass along the excitement of seeing something in a new way, discovering creatures I haven’t seen before, secretly observing the complex interplay between animals mating, birthing, fighting, and dying. It’s a cold, beautiful, fleeting world captured in a photograph.

I’m a scientist by training with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. Like many scientists, I’ve been trained to look for patterns, to seek out symmetry, to look for the unusual characteristic that makes for an interesting photograph. The spiraled arm of the octopus with its increasing pattern of suckers along the length is truly one of my favorites, exemplifying everything I love about the undersea world.

Growing up with “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau” inspired my fascination and fondness for the ocean and everything about it. Ever since living in Mendocino and skin diving in coves around the area, I cannot be whole without the ocean nearby. It is that joy, that celebration of the amazing beauty below the surface that I hope to bring to you in the images I capture. Be it the diversity of animals, the incongruity of plants, the rainbow of colors creating a cacophony of visual pandemonium, or simply the contrast with the terrestrial world I’ve tried to capture a small sample of these creatures in their natural surroundings. It is my intention for you to walk away inspired with a sense of wonder, thinking about what lies below the steely surface of the Salish Sea.

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